About Us

We hear you. 

Ok let’s be real... every person and their dog are selling masks. Of these, most claim that their masks are the best, with such “high quality”. Yet everywhere we go we see masks falling from people’s noses, we hear complaints that they can’t breathe through the fabric, and that people are suffering from new skin irritations. These are just the top 3 most common complaints, but the list goes on. 

We’re here to tell you that we’ve heard you and ALL your complaints. We understand that wearing some masks, absolutely SUCKS. Unfortunately, masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and you still have the time to find a mask that works great for you. Luckily, if you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to HELP YOU and provide you with the solution to ALL of these problems.  

Let us give you the low down about our masks. 

First and foremost, the fabric we use in our masks is unparalleled. After months of searching, we found a fabric that had all the components for the perfect mask. We took our time investing in the right quality instead of rushing out and creating something “decent enough”. We made sure that not only would the fabric feel good on your face, but that more importantly, that it be antibacterial.  Now you may be asking yourself, why does my mask need to be antibacterial? No one ever told me that was important… 

But guess what? It is! And it’s by far the most important feature of any reusable mask. 

Think about it. When you talk, sneeze, cough, or do anything else in your mask (hey, we’re not judging!) all the germs and bacteria stay caught in your mask. These germs then swim their way over onto your cheeks (causing those irritations we mentioned earlier), and back into your mouth. Not sure about you, but that sounds pretty gross to us. This can easily be avoided by wearing an antibacterial mask. If you haven’t yet gotten up to throw out all your current non-antibacterial or are just curious to understand how our masks can do this, keep reading to learn about the awesome technology behind our masks. 

Silver ion is a silver-based active ingredient that can be woven into textiles to offer an additional layer of protection against bacteria. Upon contact with the silver ion technology integrated fabric, bacteria is killed. You can now confidently say goodbye to having germs linger in your face mask all day.

If you’ve managed to read until this point and you’re still not convinced, the design of our mask is super unique. We’re so confident in it which is why it’s Patent Pending! Our signature “J Mask” is designed with a special ‘chin piece’ which holds the mask in place to make sure you can continue having those awesome conversations without worrying about your mask falling down every 0.3 seconds. Your mask falling down your face is not only an annoyance to you and the person you are speaking to, but it also means that you’re consistently touching your dirty mask. A big no-no. You are basically asking for lots of skin irritations, unless you want to go through so much more hand soap and sanitizer than you already are, (and we’re sure it’s already plenty). 

As entrepreneurs, we barely sleep. So if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at any hour of the day (if by chance we are asleep, we’ll be sure to answer you as soon as we wake up!)

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