This Time Last Year

WOW - It’s been an entire year since the beginning of this insane pandemic. To think about everything that has happened in the course of just 12 months is mind blowing. From the pandemic, to the black lives matter movement, to the unemployment rate reaching an all time high, to businesses being forced into bankruptcy, to protests against police brutality, to a change in the US president, to a rebuttal of the british monarchy, the amount of change is LITERALLY endless. 

And unfortunately, it’s not over yet. The last year brought to light so many social, political and economical injustices in our world, and although it’s been a rough year, it was a year of change that absolutely NEEDED to happen. That doesn’t negate everything that we’ve had to suffer and endure, the number of deaths that we’ve had due to covid-19, the family we couldn’t hug, or the loss we’ve felt. But it does give us a voice now to speak up and make a lasting change so that the year we’ve gone through does not become a WASTE. 

Although these issues are not new, and have been a big part of the last few years, the impact of this last year has allowed more people to understand the importance of educating themselves, educating others, and having those uncomfortable conversations. This type of mindset allows us to understand what truly matters in life, what matters to you and how to turn that into a way of life. 

In this last year, many people have realized how important their relationships are, with friends, family, and faith. The memories, the laughters and the “million little things”, are more valuable than any material object you can buy. The boost in popularity of Tik Tok, literally people sharing with others the fun they are having dancing at home, or the uptake of banana bread recipes being shared on pinterest, and even more recently, people are making real connections on ClubHouse with people who never would have been reachable before. The small things of sharing love and laughter, have been brought to all new heights and THIS is what we should be focusing on. 

The last 12 months have been crazy, with so many negatives but also a ton of positives and we have the choice to see things in a bright light and make a change for the better.