Spring Has Sprung

After what has felt like years of winter, there is nothing better than feeling the warm spring weather. Although on the East Coast of Canada it is still too early to completely say goodbye to the snow, this first true spring weather has definitely brought many people out of hibernation. With stay at home orders, lockdowns, and curfews, the ability to play outside in sweater weather has brought life to the city streets. With kids playing in parks, picnics around the city, the reopening of stores and restaurants (with outdoor dining), even the summertime bikers and runners are beginning to make their first appearances outside. 

The warm weather not only provides the ability for everyone to get more fresh air, but it also allows everyone to see people more easily in these trying times. Moods are beginning to be uplifted, as the confinement in our homes end. HOWEVER, it is still so important to keep a distance until there is herd immunity and more people get vaccinated. So although the weather is better and the sun is out, and you may want to rush out and play with everyone and go back to a “normal” life, it’s critical that we don’t jump too quick and fall back into our old ways. 

There are so many things that you can do while maintaining social distance and abiding by the guidelines put in place, and many people have already picked up the activities that they enjoyed last summer. If you’re still not sure how to keep yourself entertained, or if you are looking for some new ideas, here’s a list of things we’ve been doing to keep busy and active: 

  • Spring skiing
  • Biking 
  • Hiking
  • Running 
  • Golfing 
  • Spikeball 
  • Tik Toking 

If you have any fun activities and/or hobbies that you picked up in the last year, let us know!!