Should you wear a mask?

Disposable Masks in the Q

Early on in the Q, disposable masks had been hard to come by as everyone rushed to get their hands on as many as they could. Due to the pandemic, the need for these masks have skyrocketed, and most suppliers are still finding it hard to meet the demand. Especially as the economy starts to re-open, many businesses will need to have a large enough supply on hand. 

There are different levels of disposable masks that are available, and consumers should understand the differences and buy the appropriate masks for their needs. 

As the name suggests, Non-Medical Disposable Masks should be worn by the non-medical professionals. In other words, if you are wearing a mask to do your everyday errands, such as going for a walk, or going to work, this is the mask for you. These masks are similar to medical masks, yet do not have the same certification required to meet the necessary safety standards as medical masks.  

On the other end, Surgical or Medical Disposable Masks should be worn by medical professionals when they are working in doctors’ offices, clinics or hospitals. They should be reserved for these professions to ensure that they are safely protected from blood and fluids that they that may be in contact with. 

Choose the right mask for you, and ensure everyone is protected properly. 


Let’s continue Staying Safe Together