How to Enjoy Summer 2020

Summertime in the Q

Summertime has always been my favorite time. There’s nothing better than going for walks, hikes, and hanging out by the pool with friends. It also means patio season, because who doesn’t like drinking outside or hosting BBQ’s? Although this summer may look different, it doesn’t mean these outings need to be forgotten or missed out on. Our expectations of summer just need to change a bit. 

So you may be asking, how can I have my summer fun with COVID-19? As long as you take the necessary precautions, there’s no reason to not enjoy summer 2020. 

  • Go outside!!

  • Go for a walk with friends, but stay 6 feet apart while doing so. If you are unable to stay the distance, wear a mask. 

  • Go to the park with friends, but sit 6 feet away. If you are unable to stay the distance, wear a mask. 

  • Try not to go inside people’s houses (unless you need to use the bathroom). 

  • And if you are feeling unwell, stay home. 

Small adjustments can help limit the spread of the virus during this pandemic, but it’s important to understand when, where and how to do so.   


Let’s continue Staying Safe Together