The Latest Fashion Trends

Fashion in the Q

 Tie-dye has made a comeback, and people are really jumping on board to this latest trend. There are so many individuals who have started their own businesses making tie-dye sweat suits, some even donating proceeds to charity! If you haven’t already ordered your own, or want to have some fun yourself, take an old sweater and go back to your childhood roots and make it yourself! It’s a fun summer activity, and also looks really cute!

Masks have also taken on a whole new look. With many retail stores holding onto their online sales, many of them have added a new product line of reusable masks. Masks are available in all colours and shades, and we’ve even seen some made out of lace! Masks have become an overnight accessory, that is a necessity! Choosing masks that match outfits are definitely a stylish way to stay safe – but make sure to choose a mask that you can breathe in! Many manufacturers are using materials that are meant for t-shirts and other clothes, and may not be the most suitable to be on your face.


Let’s continue Staying Safe Together