What to Expect the Next Time You Travel

Travelling During the Q

Are you planning to travel soon? If so, whether you’re travelling for leisure or business, get ready for some new airport procedures. The days where you arrived at the airport 45 minutes before your domestic flight because you didn’t have to check a bag are over. And if you thought arriving 3 hours early was enough for your international flight, think again! Airport screenings are now starting outdoors, making the already lengthy process even longer. Oh, and only the traveller is allowed in that outside line, so be sure to say bye to your friends and family in the car.

This may not be the situation everywhere, but it is at the Montreal Trudeau Airport. Social distancing lines are starting outside the terminal, where travellers are being screened upon entry. In order to ensure that everyone entering the airport is checked, a limited number of doors are open, which, as you may have guessed, makes your already long travel day even longer. Security is checking everyone’s health upon entry, and is requiring all travellers to wear a mask.  Sanitary stations have been placed all around the airport, especially in areas that tend to be busier. There are also many signs in the airport reminding passengers to social distance and wash their hands regularly.  

As everyone adapts to the new normal, it is important to be aware of these new airport procedures in order to plan accordingly. You don’t want to end up missing your flight because you got there too late!