What Will Re-opening Schools Look Like?

School in the Q

Now that summer is ending, all states and provinces are trying to figure out the best solution for school re-openings. There have been ongoing debates on social media between parents wanting their kids to go back to school, and those that don’t. Being in an enclosed space with so many people can increase the chances of spreading the virus, but does depriving kids of school and their social connections cause alternative issues? The debate goes back and forth thinking about the present and the future, but with all this uncertainty, decisions still need to be made and parents are relying on their governments to help them make the best one. A second wave is at stake, but is there really a way to avoid it?

On August 10th, the Quebec government announced that students in Grade 5 and higher will not need to wear a mask in their classes, but will need to wear them in common areas such as hallways and cafeterias. In addition to this, students will most likely be assigned a pod/bubble that they will be with and will not be able to mingle with students outside their small group. Teachers and staff, for any age group, will need to wear a mask in common places as well. Schools will still offer remote learning for those who do not feel comfortable going to school. 

As school is still a few weeks ago, anything can change between now and then, but at least there is a tentative plan in place. Parents can either choose to send their children back to school, or they can continue online learning. If you are a parent, what are you planning to do?