Staying Protected During the Pandemic

Wearing a mask could save a life.

There have been many people who believe that the spread of the virus has decreased, and that the re-opening of the economy means that things are going back to normal. However, the normal that we were all used to has come and gone. This new era, post COVID-19 outbreak, means changing our ways on how we need to live our lives to ensure that we are staying safe.

The impact that the pandemic has had on individuals, families, companies, and namely the economy has been inconceivable. The re-opening of businesses is purely a way for us to keep moving forward in this unimaginable time. But it is up to US to find a way to make sure that second, third or fourth waves,  do not happen here. Numbers are slowly rising again in areas that have opened up too quickly, with insufficient safety measures set in place. It is now, more than ever, important to wear a mask when we are out in public areas. It is not just about protecting yourself, but all those around you.

If everyone wears a mask, we are not only keeping ourselves healthy, but we are also protecting everyone around us. Especially when social distancing is not possible, covering our faces is crucial in limiting the spread and transmission of the virus. If the virus has taught us anything, it’s that we are all in this together and we must support each other. Let’s try and save more lives together.

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Let’s continue Staying Safe Together