Online vs. In-Store Shopping

Shopping in the Q


Up until now, shopping in the Q has been quite different from what we are used to. Grocery stores, and pharmacies (which have remained open from day 1 in the Q) have limited the number of people allowed inside at one time for our protection. This means lining up outside the stores, sometimes for an hour, just to get inside -  similar to waiting outside bars/clubs until the bouncer lets you in. In some places, curbside pickups have become the new form of delivery to promote physical distancing.

All retail stores have completely relied on online selling methods during the Q, with some stores not even taking returns to limit the spread. Now that stores are starting to re-open, some are putting the clothes in a quarantine for periods of time (ranging from 24-72 hours) before going back on the shelves. But is this after trying them on? After touching an article? Most of this remains unclear to consumers, so the big question is: will customers begin returning to their old ways or continue shopping online? Different provinces have different safety measures in place, but at the end of the day, the customers will decide what they are more comfortable with.


Let’s continue Staying Safe Together