Staying Safe Together

  • 3rd Wave

    Every province is trying to figure out the best and most efficient way to curb this 3rd wave, while the number of vaccines available are still limited in the country. And even if vaccines were more accessible, there are still so many who are wary of the long term risks that we may be unaware of. 
  • Spring Has Sprung

    After what has felt like years of winter, there is nothing better than feeling the warm spring weather. Although on the East Coast of Canada it is still too early to completely say goodbye to the snow, this first true spring weather has definitely brought many people out of hibernation.
  • This Time Last Year

    WOW - It’s been an entire year since the beginning of this insane pandemic. To think about everything that has happened in the course of just 12 months is mind blowing...
  • What Will Re-opening Schools Look Like?

    There have been ongoing debates on social media between parents wanting their kids to go back to school, and those that don’t. Being in an enclosed space with so many people can increase the chances of spreading the virus, but does depriving kids of school and their social connections cause alternative issues?
  • Working Hard or Hardly Working?

    By now we’ve all seen the term “Work from Home” or better known as “WFH” across different social media platforms. But what does this term truly mean?
  • What Impact Does COVID-19 have on the Legal Field?

    Countries have closed their borders, restaurants and gyms have shut their doors, and wearing a mask has become a requirement in many countries across the world. But how has the legal industry been impacted by the virus?
  • What to Expect the Next Time You Travel

    If you're planning to travel in the upcoming months, get ready for some new airport procedures. The days where you arrived at the airport 45 minutes before your domestic flight because you didn’t have to check a bag are over.
  • Staying Protected During the Pandemic

    Wearing a mask could save a life. There have been many people who believe that the spread of the virus has decreased, and that the re-opening of th...
  • Online vs. In-Store Shopping

    The big question is: will customers begin returning to their old ways or continue shopping online?
  • How to Enjoy Summer 2020

    So you may be asking, how can I have my summer fun with covid-19? As long as you take the necessary precautions, there’s no reason to not enjoy summer 2020.
  • Should you wear a mask?

    Non-Medical Disposable Masks should be worn by the non-medical professionals. Choose the right mask for you, and ensure everyone is protected properly.